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TENDO Sprint System
TENDO Sprint System
TENDO Sprint System
TENDO Sprint System
TENDO Sprint System
TENDO Sprint System
TENDO Sprint System
TENDO Sprint System

    TENDO Sprint System


      100 % accurate*, fast, easy speed testing and training with features only PRO timing systems have.

      Tendo Sprint System uses Error Correction Processing (ECP) technology which completely eliminates false triggers, making it the most accurate system to date* (even outperforming double-beam timing systems).

      The computer-operated timing system allows you to create your own database, save measured times, and review and export data for further analysis. Take advantage of pre-programmed training drills with easy customization, different start types, tempo runs, shuttle runs, lap runs, break timer as well as of automatic start reset and more.

      The Basic Kit contains two photocells and reflector pairs (start and finish) and a signal receiver which receives the data wirelessly from the photocells to your computer or tablet.

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      ** Please get in touch with us if you wish to order more that 5 TENDO Sprint Systems **



      • Single beam system with Error Correction Processing technology (named the most accurate system to date*) ensuring you will get only valid, reliable data you can trust

      • Wireless, computer-operated system (runs on computers and tablets with Windows OS)

      • Uses less common frequency range to eliminate potential signal disruptions

      • Provides Real-time feedback about the athletes' speed and motivates the athlete to perform better each time

      • Sets instant competitive environment to drive athletes performance = speeds up adaptation processes

      • Monitors everyday training loads and fatigue to prevent injuries

      • Includes pre-programmed drills which are easily customised to match your coaching style

      • Loads of training and testing features to play with:

        • Automatic Start Reset

        • Pacing (for Tempo runs)

        • Break Timer with Audio Start

        • 2 Start types - Standard, Flying

        • Shuttle run

        • Lap run

        • Multiple split gates

        • Multilane

        • and more …

      • Easy to set up, align and operate. Ideal for daily training use

      • Compatible with the RFID system to automatise testing and measure a large number of athletes with ease.

      • 65 hours of continuous usage

      • Made to last (impact, weather-resistant)

      • Powered by Tendo Sprint System Computer Software, including database management, data collection, review and export of training times

      • No yearly subscription


      Tech Specs:
      • Wireless connection
      • Error Correction Processing system (can be turned on/off based on training needs)
      • Max. distance between photocell and reflector is 5 m
      • Max. distance between photocells and Tendo Sprint System signal receiver is up to 150 m
      • 4 communication channels available in Europe, USA, Canada, South America, China, India, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam
      • Frequency range based on country -  Europe: 869.6 - 869.8 MHz, America: 914.6 - 920.0 MHz, China: 868.9 - 868.6 MHz, India: 865.2MHz - 867.0MHz, Australia: 921.2MHz - 924.8MHz



      Computer - Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and above

      Tablet - Windows OS


      What’s in the box:
      • 2 photocells
      • 2 reflectors
      • 1 Tendo Sprint System signal receiver
      • 5 tripods with magnets for quick attachments
      • 1 manual
      • 1 computer software cd
      • 1 carrier bag
      • 2 sets of rechargeable batteries (4 pieces each set)
      • 2 power adapters
      • 3 antennas
      • 1 signal receiver to PC connecting cable